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At this place I want to say a


to all people out there, who contributed to fou4s. I want to list a few of them here, who were especially helpful to me and my project. The full list of contributors can be found in the README file of the current fou4s release. The following list is in alphabetical order:

  • Alexander Reach (logo, testing)
  • Christoph Thiel (business product testing)
  • Franz J. Schlesinger (webpage)
  • Günther Sommer (ftp benchmark)
  • Kevin Ivory (testing)
  • Lars Ellenberg (fou4s coding, patch description generator, bash guru)
  • Markus Winkler (testing)
  • My girlfriend (for giving me enough time to write fou4s :-)
  • Peter Poeml (spy from SuSE ;-)
  • Philipp Flesch and Michael Vistein (former hosting)
  • SelfNet GmbH (hosting)
  • Soeren Mindorf (business product support)
  • And many, many others

At this place, I also would like to mention Lars Ellenberg's own version of fou4s: fou4s-lge. It is based on my version but heavily modified. Currently it is much faster than mine, but as time goes by, I'll probably use more and more of his code. You can find fou4s-lge in the download section.

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