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0.16.0, Thu Mar 22 2012
  • Restore old progress bar behaviour on old SuSE releases
  • Support for repomd.xml (now required for all 11.x+ versions)
  • Support for openSUSE 12.4
0.15.8, Fri Oct 29 2010
  • Huge performance improvement when checking delta rpms
  • Properly self-check signature of fou4s on openSUSE 11.3
0.15.7, Sun Aug 15 2010
  • Support for openSUSE 11.3
  • Fix wrong parsing of option "--older-than"
0.15.6, Wed Jan 6 2010
  • If available, use zypper vcmp to compare versions if structure is different
0.15.5, Mon Dec 14 2009
  • Fixed auto-use-buildtime to actually work
0.15.4, Wed Dec 9 2009
  • Re-enabled use-buildtime when version structure is different
  • Fix kernel detection for pae kernel
  • Work with multiple kernels on openSUSE 11.2
  • Fix new acceptpreinstallinfo option
0.15.3, Mon Nov 30 2009
  • Fix signature verification on openSUSE 11.2
0.15.2, Mon Nov 16 2009
  • Bugfixes for openSUSE 11.2
  • New parameter --acceptpreinstallinfo for non-interactive kernel updates
0.15.1, Sat Oct 17 2009
  • Bugfixes for SLES10
  • Fix reboot notification for kernels
  • Huge performance improvement on subsequent calls
  • Fix kernel version detection fault in certain cases
0.15.0, Sun Mar 22 2009
  • Support for SuSE 10.1 to 11.1
  • Support install/skipping through interactive mode for packages on RemarkList
  • Fix inconsistent cache after fou4s updating itself
0.14.1, Sun Jun 5 2006
  • Fixes for 0.14.0
    • Fix kernel check to work every time, not only during the first run
0.14.0, Sun Jun 4 2006
  • Changed rsync to follow symlinks
  • Added support for CURL
  • Added support for https proxies and other https fixes (mostly for business products)
  • Warn if more than one kernel is installed, because reboot check won't work
  • Fixes for 0.13.1
    • Use only files in SuSE "directory" files, not all that are found (--usedir)
    • Downloading of server list works again (--server -w)
    • Fix wrong cache invalidation on business products
    • Fix renaming of module directory for kernel backups
  • New config file options:
    • UseCurl (default:off)
  • New parameters
    • usecurl
    • proxydigest (digest authentication, only supported by curl!)
0.13.1, Tue May 31 2005
  • Fixes for 0.13.0
    • SuSE-release passed the architecture with "_" as delimiter, which broke the x86_64 arch
0.13.0, Sun May 22 2005
  • Fixes for 0.12.6
    • Kernel reboot notification improved
    • Fixed Import-/Export downloading already installed packages after second run
  • Removed compatibility for SuSE versions older than 8.1
  • Added new support for getting source RPMs (was useless/broken before)
  • Added support for delta RPMs (SuSE 9.2+)
0.12.6, Sun Feb 6 2005
  • Fixes for 0.12.5
    • The patch description generator generates correct architecture entries now (caused packman/supplementary packages to be ignored silently)
    • Many bugfixes regarding x86_64 packages (for both i586 and x86_64) (thanks to Christoph Thiel!)
    • After a kernel update the next patch description was not shown correctly
  • Added config file option for "--usedir"
  • GPG key checking updated to support gnupg 1.4 (thanks to Matthias Andree)
0.12.5, Sat Nov 13 2004
  • Fixes for 0.12.4
    • SuSE 9.2 support (bash 3.0 compatibility, x86_64 handling)
    • Kernel backup had wrong name of modules directory
  • Accept packages with valid RPM signature on SuSE 9.x
0.12.4, Tue Oct 26 2004
  • Fixes for 0.12.3
    • Reboot notification was wrong for kernel 2.6.5-7.111
    • Fix kernel backup (wrong path was used -> no copying)
0.12.3, Sun Oct 3 2004
  • Fixes for 0.12.2
    • Updates that require interactive mode could not be installed by entering "yes", only "y" worked
  • Detect deleted files that are still in use on SuSE 9.x
  • Suppress some error messages related to the new kernel backup feature
  • Added auto detection of SLES 9, SLOX 4.1 and SuSE Standard-Server 8
  • Tested with SuSE 9.2 beta
0.12.2, Tue Sep 14 2004
  • Fixes for 0.12.1
    • The --auto option (used in cronjob) installed certain scripts without requiring interactive mode
0.12.1, Mon Sep 13 2004
  • Fixes for 0.12.0
    • The --checkdeleted option was broken in 0.12.0
    • The kernel reboot reminder did not work on SMP machines
    • Servers with user:password in URL did not work (user alone worked, though)
    • Nagios script updated (thanks to Christoph Wegener)
0.12.0, Sun Sep 12 2004
  • Security fix
    • Possible execution of SuSE-release script owned by a foreign user fixed (root must start fou4s from a directory where a foreign user has placed his SuSE-release script)
  • Fixes for 0.11.3
    • Interactive mode honors scripts
    • SuSEconfig is now called with GID root (no longer GID fou4s)
    • Some inputs take now upper and lower case
    • Some scripts (fetchXXXfirmware) were missed, because they don't use "Prescript" but "Postscript"
  • Remote host functionality improved
    • Export of scripts and packages with interactive mode (kernel updates!)
    • Renamed export.tar.gz to export.tar because it is not really gzipped
    • Packages that are found outside of the exporting server are correctly exported
  • Check for kernel updates
    • Create backup of current kernel
    • Notify user to reboot machine after kernel update
  • New config file options: KernelBackup, KernelCheck
  • Support of ftp://user:pass@server/ urls for updates
  • Removed fou4s from AutoList, so it won't automatically update itself if the cronjob is installed. If you are upgrading, this change has to be done manually in your /etc/fou4s.conf, because the old config file is preserved.
  • Nagios plugin example script (By William Jacqmein)
0.11.3, Wed Mar 31 2004
  • Fixes for 0.11.2
    • Wrong detection of AMD64 arch (typo, again!)
    • Ignoring of Ignore/Remarklist
    • RpmCache overrides ARCH given on commandline
    • Summary had wrong values for the "to download" column
  • Added -z (compress) option to rsync calls
0.11.2, Tue Feb 3 2004
  • Fixes for 0.11.1
    • Fix wrong run of SuSEconfig sometimes after --export
    • Fix bad GPG checking when exporting on SuSE 9.0 for an older SuSE machine
  • Show unicode texts in patch descriptions properly (for german/french info). Thanks to Matthias Andree for this!
  • Arch checking now also uses the "Series:" field in update descriptions (Mostly useful if you installed packages with other arch [e.g. i386] than newer SuSE packages [e.g. i586]);
  • Fix for possible read failure of cache file when using --host
  • Fix for wrongly using group fou4s in rpm pre/postinstall scripts when installing packages as root
0.11.1, Tue Jan 27 2004
  • Fixes for 0.11.0
    • Wrong detection of AMD64 arch (typo)
    • Import of fou4s gpg key fails on fresh install
0.11.0, Sun Jan 25 2004
  • Fixes for 0.10.0
    • Fix for possible endless loop
    • Fix bad handling of patch RPM's that don't fit to the current version
    • Fix for bad parsing of some update description files
  • New options:
    • --cronworkstation, --cronserver: Install cronjob for server/workstation use
    • --import, --export: Manage offline machines with fou4s
    • --usedir: Use "directory" files (if directory listing of patches is forbidden)
  • Fix exit codes (no conflict with sg anymore)
  • Workaround for rpm 4.0 systems (behave like 3.x, not 4.1 from SuSE 9.0) (some hosting providers use that)
  • Add detection of s/390 arch and United Linux
  • Display of missing download amount in summary
0.10.0, Tue Oct 14 2003
  • Fixes for 0.9.3
    • does no longer try to generate descriptions for nosrc.rpm files
    • Using --only no longer prevents previous version numbers to be shown
  • New options:
    • --src: Source RPM download support (only SuSE 8.1 and higher)
    • --nocache: Disable update description cache
    • --cleancache: Clean up fou4s cache (normally not necessary)
    • --rightsok: Don't change GID and umask
    • --language: Choose language of info in update descriptions (e.g. german)
    • --limit: Limit download to given rate (in kbyte/sec)
    • --host: Compare RPM DB from another host with local update descriptions
    • --end: Install all packages at the end of the fou4s run at once
    • --nocheckdeleted: Don't check for deleted files still in use
    • --allnew: Show all updates, but not those that are already updated
  • SuSE 9.0/RPM v4 compatible
  • 2-level cache mechanism, resulting in a huge performance improvement for subsequent fou4s runs!
  • Cache files are now collected in /var/cache/fou4s/.cache.$HOSTNAME
  • Installation of RPM's that are signed with fully trusted keys is now possible
  • No more attempts to download fully retrieved files
  • No prompt for already complete downloads in interactive mode
  • Fix packages like kdegraphics-3D, which were not detected properly (-3D was used as version and not as part of the package name)
  • Change to group fou4s and make files group writeable by default
  • RSync server support, automatic calling of from inside of fou4s. This makes obsolete for users.
  • Support for SuSE 8.1/8.2 packages on one host (descr_packages fixed)
  • New output formatting and summary
  • SuSE-release detection is now in its own script, to make fou4s --host easier
0.9.3, Tue Apr 7 2003
  • Fixes for 0.9.2
    • Fix wrong check for http auth username (for business product updates)
    • Fix typo when processing user specified RPM list
  • This release is SuSE 8.2 compatible! (needed a small hack)
  • New config file option AcceptPreinstallInfo (don't require interactive mode for preinstall information)
  • Fix too verbose output during script execution
0.9.2, Tue Apr 1 2003
  • Fixes for 0.9.1
    • A hang during checking for deleted files introduced in 0.9.1 was fixed
0.9.1, Mon Mar 31 2003
  • Fixes for 0.9.0
    • Preinstall information in patch descriptions is handled correctly
    • Fixed a typo for a function call
0.9.0, Sun Mar 30 2003
  • Fixes for 0.8.1
    • Buildtime option works again
    • Return code fixed to 0 in case of success
    • Fixed wrong arch detection for some packages (e.g. glibc) on SuSE 8.1
  • New options:
    • --getpackagedescriptions: For FTP installs of SuSE 8.1
    • --only: Install only the given patches, don't check others
    • --noprogress: disable progress bar during checking
  • Changed options:
    • --all doesn't do downloading anymore (use with -d for old behaviour)
  • More than 50% Speed improvement
  • Progress bar during checking
  • Script support added
  • Fou4s tries to show the service name (rc...) for delete files still in use
  • A Logfile is now written for installed packages (/var/log/fou4s.log)
  • Grouped install of all RPM's in one patch description, not all at once (minimizes dependency problems)
  • Show update info for each patch description and not each single package
  • Interactive mode allows to skip updates forever (only whole update, not single packages inside) and show description of update even if not in verbose mode.
  • Improvements for network shared update trees (separate local cache directory)
  • New config file parsing mechanism
  • installed-patches file is now called skipped-patches.$HOSTNAME.$suseversion
  • --proxyuser/--proxypass options work now
  • Automatic detection of SuSE SLES 8 and SuSE Openexchange-Server 4
  • The --server option preserves structure of fou4s.conf now better
  • Many, many code cleanups and minor bugfixes
0.8.1, Sun Nov 3 2002
  • Fixes for 0.8.0
    • Duplicate patch detection fixed
    • Packagenames with '+' are now handled correctly
    • More patch description files can be handled now (previously it reported "No patch descriptions found", if there were too many)
  • Colored output
  • New options:
    • --nocolor: Disable colored output
0.8.0, Tue Oct 29 2002
  • Fixes for 0.7.4
    • More 8.1 fixes (KDE update)
    • installed-patches file had wrong format which made it useless
    • fou4s -l uses new technique for reading patch descriptions
    • Count of packages was wrong in interactive mode (cosmetical)
  • New options:
    • --exclude: Skip specified patch description or series (wildcards supported!)
    • --nogenerated: Skip generated packages (from supplementary tree)
    • --product: For SuSE business products that are note auto-detected
    • --suseuser: Login name for business product updates
    • --susepasswd: Password for business product updates
  • Support for SuSE business products (eMail-Server, SLES, etc.)
  • Support for "supplementary" tree (KDE/GNOME/XFree updates) using With it should also be possible to update SuSE 7.0 again!
  • Wildcard support in IgnoreList and RemarkList
  • Show status of package in examination (ok or to be downloaded)
  • Tell user to run fou4s -in to install downloaded patches from auto mode
0.7.4, Fri Oct 11 2002
  • Fixes for 0.7.3
    • More 8.1 compatibility fixes
  • New options:
    • --nopatchrpms: Avoid using patch rpm's on 8.1
0.7.3, Wed Oct 2 2002
  • Fixes for 0.7.2
    • No more download of robots.txt
    • More than one parameter for -f now allowed (additional RPMs)
    • fou4s GPG key is imported into the rpm keyring for correct operation on 8.0
  • SuSE 8.1 compatibility (format of patch description file changed!)
0.7.2, Fri Aug 30 2002
  • Fixes for 0.7.1
    • Wrong "wget error 1" message bug fixed (different cause!)
    • Cache of server turned off for patch description download
    • Installation will no longer fail, if more than one server is configured
0.7.1, Thu Aug 29 2002
  • Fixes for 0.7.0
    • Warning message about ftp_proxy, even if not set, fixed
    • Man page/cronjob-template cleanups
    • Wrong "wget error 1" message bug fixed
  • Suppression of common wget error messages (that are no errors)
  • The patches.cont directory is now only checked on SuSE 7.3
  • Option --nocont changed to --patchescont
0.7.0, Tue Aug 27 2002
  • Fixes for 0.6.1
    • Paths are now quoted to support paths with blanks (current dir. only)
  • New options:
    • --checkdeleted: Check for deleted files that are still in use and exit
    • --nocompatible: behave like old fou4s, but not 100% like YOU (see man page)
    • --safemode: Disable install triggers
    • --arch, --suseversion: override detected values (for network distribution)
  • Complete new version comparison mechanism and many other improvements by Lars Ellenberg <>, THANKS!
  • Honor UpdateOnlyInstalled flag like YOU does.
  • Check for correct format of http_proxy environment variable
  • The --all option supports -q now
  • Pre- and postinstall information is displayed. Packages with preinstall information can only be installed in interactive mode
  • The cronjob example cleans up the packagelist directory once a month (recommended)
  • Missing version numbers in patch descriptions are now compensated by using the version number from filename (if existing).
  • Better parsing of patch description files (several lines are now used as possible seperators)
0.6.1, Sat Jul 6 2002
  • Fixes for 0.6.0
    • The -f option was processed wrong
    • Version numbers with different length are correctly compared now (e.g. 3.0 and 3.0.1)
    • Packages with CAPITAL LETTERS in the version number are compared correctly now (e.g. squid-2.4.STABLE3)
0.6.0, Wed Jun 5 2002
  • Fixes for 0.5.0
    • Fixed error "too many arguments", if Auto= in config file was empty or not set
    • lsof now uses -n parameter to disable network resolution (faster!)
    • If there are installation problems, a recommendation for -a option is printed
    • "Need to download ... packages" counted packages from remarklist too
  • Multiple Server support!! This should make multi-configfile hacks obsolete.
  • /etc/fou4s.conf will not be overwritten anymore. The new version is now saved as /etc/fou4s.conf.rpmnew when updating. This behaviour will be kept as long as possible from now on.
  • Fou4s public GPG key is now delivered with fou4s itself and not downloaded from the keyservers (some people behind proxies had problems with this).
  • Support for patch.rpm files (has always worked, but now it's official ;)
  • Use as default server, because ftp doesn't work with proxy and http is faster
0.5.0, Mon May 27 2002
  • Fixes for 0.4.1:
    • UseFullPath installation fixed
    • Cleanup of packagelist directory fixed (missed some patch descriptions)
  • Config file /etc/fou4s has been renamed to fou4s.conf
  • New options: --proxy, --noproxy
  • New option --all downloads all available updates (no checking) for network installations of fou4s).
  • New option --auto: Automatic installation of packages specified in config file.
  • Fou4s GPG key download moved from rpm installation to fou4s itself.
0.4.1, Tue May 21 2002
  • Fixes for 0.4.0:
    • Removed forgotten debug output
0.4.0, Mon May 20 2002
  • Fixes for 0.3.0:
    • Environment variable LANG is unset, because GPG sig check fails with non- english environment
    • Check if /etc/suseservers exists
  • New options: --buildtime, --force, --fullpath, --version
  • New config file options: CheckFou4s, UseFullPath, DefaultVerbosity, ProxyUser, ProxyPasswd, Interactive, PatchesCont, Benchmark, RemoveAfterInstall
  • Downloaded files can now be placed in subdirectories (a1, n1, ...)
  • The -f option supports more than one RPM now (if used as last option)
  • Less messages with verbosity level 1 (-v), to see update info from cronjobs
  • Update descriptions are formatted now for better readability
  • New option handling with getopt, supporting now "-ab" in addition to "-a -b"
  • Options -u and -e/-i are allowed together now (package list update and check/ installation in one step)
0.3.0, Thu May 10 2002
  • Fixes for 0.2.1:
    • PHP update packages are available again (were filtered out due to a bad wget option)
    • Patch descriptions with missing number after Size: won't crash fou4s now
    • The "Provides" line in the patch descriptions is no good seperator either, we use "StartCommand" now.
    • The RemarkList option actually works now. Previously it disabled downloading of all packages after the first entry was found.
  • All platforms are now supported (i386, sparc, ...):
    • RPM is now a noarch.rpm
  • More information: Downloadsize of all packages (for -e)
  • Packagelist directory is automatically cleaned from old patch descriptions
  • New options:
    • --proxyuser and --proxypassword
    • --nocont, to disable checking of patches.cont directory on SuSE 8
    • -b, to use fou4s-benchmark and download from the fastest server.
    • --config, to use another config file (for different servers)
    • --checkfou4s, checks for an update of fou4s
  • New version of fou4s-benchmark (by G. Sommer)
  • The fou4s RPM is now signed with key (ID AFB66D7C)
    • Fou4s now supports updating itself, using the checkfou4s switch
    • New cron script with saner defaults
  • Option parsing cleanups
0.2.1, Tue Apr 16 2002
  • Bugfixes for 0.2.0:
    • Some patch descriptions for 8.0 and NVIDIA drivers contain no "Requires" line - fou4s uses the "Provides" line now for seperating packages.
0.2.0, Tue Apr 16 2002
  • Bugfixes for 0.1.0:
    • Version comparison was broken! Using 0.0.4 mechanism again.
    • If gpg is not installed, an error is now given before package installation.
0.1.0, Sun Apr 14 2002
  • Bugfixes for 0.0.4:
    • HTTP server and proxy support works now
    • RemarkList and IgnoreList can handle simple package names without version information
  • FTP Benchmarking tool included (by Guenther Sommer <>)
  • Better verbosity handling
  • Litte re-structuring
  • -l honors -o and -s option
  • History from fou4s removed, because we have a changelog now
  • Manual pages added
  • Speed improvements
0.0.4, Wed Apr 10 2002
  • Bugfix-Release for 0.0.3:
    • /etc/suseservers was updated without telling the user in help
    • If patch description says different version than downloaded RPM has, it was skipped. This is WRONG, fou4s compares now the downloaded RPM version with the installed RPM version, too.
  • IgnoreList and RemarkList options in config file
  • More wget options
  • HTTP Server support
0.0.3, Sun Apr 7 2002
  • MAJOR speed improvements
  • RPMs are installed all at once, and not each seperately (makes dependency checking easier! In fact we don't do any dependency checking ;)
  • Config file support (for server, pkgdescpath, rpmpath)
  • Check for deleted files that are still in use after update
  • Skip patches.cont directory for SuSE <= 7.2
  • Interactive server selection (--server)
  • User requested RPMs can be installed, too. (-f)
  • List available RPMs (-l, this is for -f option)
  • Cleanups ...
0.0.2, Tue Apr 2 2002
  • New version comparison - 0.0.1 missed some updates!
  • Interactive mode
  • Global wget options (Christian Erpelding <>)
  • GPG signature checking
  • SuSEconfig is called after update
  • New options: skip-optional, only-security, nodownload, remove-after-update, skip-gpg
  • Handle more than one package in one patch description file
  • "normal" option names like "-u" instead of "update"
0.0.1, Thu Mar 28 2002
  • Initial release