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fou4sfou4s -
Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE

Fou4s is a replacement for SuSE's Yast OnlineUpdate (YOU). It uses the same update description files and is therefore a complete, lightweight alternative.

Current version: fou4s-0.16.0

Fou4s Key features:

  • Fast and reliable update
  • Supports SuSE Linux 9.0 to 12.1 and all SuSE business products based on SLES 9 (SLES 10/11 untested)
  • Especially designed for usage in cron jobs
  • Interactive mode for full control
  • Network-wide updates from the same update directory possible (Even with different SuSE versions!)
  • Bandwidth-limit in kbyte/sec for downloads *new*
  • Support for non-YOU RPM's, e.g. packman or supplementary (KDE, Gnome, Mozilla) updates *new*
  • FTP server benchmarking tool included
  • Proxy support
  • Automatic resuming of downloads
  • Management of offline machines - fou4s can import/export machine data and packages *new*
  • Remote host checking, even if fou4s is not installed there *new*
  • Filtering (install only security updates, or skip optional packages)
  • Interactive ftp server selection
  • SuSEconfig is called, after an update is finished (can be turned off)
  • Warns the user, if processes are accessing deleted files (which means, that the update is not complete)
  • Installation of additional RPMs from the update directory
  • Support for the new patch.rpm updates on SuSE 8.0 and higher

Fou4s is relatively advanced, although it is only a "simple" bash script. The goal is to provide all functionality of YOU, and some additional goodies, like proxy and resume support.

Although it works fine for me and many others, I suggest to run SuSE's YOU/zypper from time to time. If you find bugs, please report them to me. Thanks.

Talk to me!

If you would like to test upcoming versions, talk about fou4s or found a bug, please subscribe to the fou4s mailing list. You have to send an empty mail with subject "subscribe". There are also archives available.
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Author: Markus Gaugusch <>